Please help keep the “joy of discovery” through art in our public schools. Click here to donate. All donations made between August 12-15 will be matched up to $1,000 by the San Juan Island Community Foundation!

“If it wasn’t for the Public School Foundation, there wouldn’t be an art program”

Andy Anderson – High School Art Teacher

SJI School District Art 2020-21 Funding Request:

Approximately 500 students

FH High School – $7,500

FH Middle School – $3,000

FH Elementary School – $5,000

The SJ Public Schools Foundation provides 90% of the funding for art supplies for our school’s award winning art program. Paint, clay, paper, pencils, watercolors, sculpting tools, rulers, markers, kilns and much more are all funded directly by donations to the Public Schools Foundation. This community has enabled our island children to experience the joy of discovering and expressing themselves through art in an expanding number of materials and techniques, all the way from elementary school through graduation

This year, online/in-home learning presents a huge challenge both educationally and logistically. Students cannot share art supplies during a pandemic. Supplies like rulers and watercolor paint sets, which are normally used by many students per day, now need to go to each child’s home to get the same educational experience. Andy Anderson (HS Art Teacher) and Dan Lobue (Elementary & MS Art Teacher) are planning and prioritizing how to purchase materials wisely to make the funding go farther but they still need our help to meet the increased cost.

“One of the joys of art is kids discovering new ways to express themselves in new materials.”

Dan Lobue  – Middle School & Elementary School Art Teacher

Can you help us fund the other programs and materials needed this school year?