A message from the Library/Media Specialist at Friday Harbor Middle & High Schools:

Dear SJPSF Board,
Thank you for the most recent set of grants in support of the Friday Harbor Middle-High School library! The photo below shows many of the wonderful books that were purchased with the most recent grant. (Not all would fit in the photo!) These books will greatly enhance our poetry collection, including several award winning free verse novels. Books include such titles as “Earth Verse” (a book of haiku), “World Make Way” (poems inspired by art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art), “Bright Wings” (poems about birds), and free verse novels such as “The Poet X” and “This Impossible Light”! These will all be exciting new titles to welcome students back to school in September!
Additionally, thank you for the $200 grant to purchase ebooks! Ebooks provide a fast and efficient way to provide multiple copies of the most popular titles, along with special requests. Purchasing on demand ebooks keeps our students reading!
Much appreciation for your continual support!
Lisa Salisbury
FHMS-FHHS Library Media Specialist
Lisa Salisbury
Library Media Specialist
Friday Harbor Middle-High School
San Juan Island School District